For more than 20 years now, Dr. Birkendorf & Cie. has been helping to determine the fortunes of many companies by ensuring that the right manager is in the right place at the right time. Most of our clients are larger medium-sized companies, especially family-owned businesses. It is not uncommon for this to involve succession in the management of the company and thus comprehensive management responsibility. In the meantime, we rely on a network of several thousand executives in our Leaders Circle, which is built on many years of mutual respect and grows daily. Through the Leaders Circle we can always “draw from the full”. Of course, our professional search team also screens the market for other possible candidates with every new search assignment.
During the selection process, we are guided in our assessment by the respective charisma. From the very first moment, we assess how well the candidate’s personality fits into the possible new environment. Our “nose” for this is proverbial. So we often do not come up with conventional candidate proposals. We are much more interested in surprises. Creativity in candidate screening is our trademark.
In addition, we rely on a special personal profiler during the selection process, which enables us to have our own impression psychometrically confirmed. With EMPREINTE, we have a unique selling point in executive search. In this respect, we can provide an above-average degree of certainty for the accuracy of the fit and take correspondingly better responsibility for our recommendations.
You only agree fixed fees with us, the amount of which is comprehensibly based on the complexity of the assignment and not on the expected income of the candidate. In individual cases, the fee may be comparatively higher or lower than elsewhere in the market. However, the fixed fee amount and Dr. Birkendorf & Cie.’s willingness to invoice the third fee instalment only after the candidate has been found provide their clients with a high degree of reliability and the best possible basis for calculation.
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