Over many years, our clientele has developed a focus on medium-sized and larger companies, often with family structures. We fill management positions and coach executives on management boards, executive boards and supervisory boards. Here, we draw on our expertise in business administration as well as in engineering and operations. Our industry focus is on the manufacturing sector, the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and medical technology. In recent years, we have also been able to play an increasingly important role in digital challenges. Our Christian understanding of business also allows us to be intensively effective in the church and social environment when it comes to new appointments to management positions and optimisation in team building.
We understand our service in the individual consultation and company of personalities, who entrust themselves to us:
In Search, it is our client who entrusts us with the classic search for an executive. In Newplacement, it is our client who has to part with parts of his workforce and wants to ensure with us that the people affected are reinstated in adequate positions on the job market. In newplacement, however, it is also the candidate who turns to us in a phase of professional reorientation, and to whom we provide guidance with a half-day initial coaching session and admission to our Leaders Circle.
Please note our “Search Special“: The high shortage of specialists and managers in the German economy is matched by an equally high supply of young academics in other countries. This is where our MasterPartner program, which was launched in 2014, comes in. At Dr. Birkendorf & Cie. we support our clients who are not successful in the German job and junior staff market in their search for young academics from abroad. In cooperation with German universities, these young graduates undergo a dual/part-time master’s degree program that is tailored to the needs of our clients. Through interviews at local universities, we identify suitable bachelor graduates who are suitable for our clients. Our focus is on Southern European countries and Argentina, which are still characterized by high unemployment among young graduates. In this way, both we and our clients contribute to optimising the opportunities for young graduates abroad and help them to find a perspective on life in Germany. The Skilled Worker Immigration Act, which came into force in Germany in March 2020, gives our programme additional confirmation and tailwind.
In the audit, it is our client who, with our support, seeks to optimise his individual performance and leadership behaviour in an existing management team with the aim of strengthening the team character and thereby increasing the company’s success. In coaching, it is our client who wants to further develop his leadership personalities with our support.