About Us

Dr. Birkendorf & Cie. executive search consultancy are sparring partners for companies and now several thousand top executives within the scope of executive search projects, executive audits, executive coaching and new placements.  Since the company was founded in 2014, we have grown continuously. Currently, we are a community of five partners. We all have decades of experience in business management and consulting. This ensures the highest level of sustainability in our dealings with candidates and clients. We are supported by a stable research and office team of around 15.  The more than 20 years of executive search and coaching experience of the founder, Dr. Ludger Birkendorf, is thus optimally supplemented with individual focal points and our own networks.

As personnel consultants, we differ significantly from classic headhunters and conventional outplacement consultancies in that we also conduct interviews and consultations independently of specific search, coaching or newplacement mandates. We respond here primarily to recommendations from third parties and to the own initiative of executives. Over the past few years, we have built up a large and growing pool of hand-picked executives who have been coached in this way and whom we bring together in our Leaders Circle. They are an incomparable reservoir for our mandate fulfilment in search assignments for top executives. From the point of view of our search clients, we “produce in stock”, so to speak, and are therefore generally able to “deliver” quickly, thus contributing to cost savings for our clients.
In our support of executives and clients, we are traditionally guided by the Christian image of man and its special significance for successful leadership. Accordingly, in the classification of candidates we attach importance to personal honesty, firmness in the execution of difficult but necessary decisions for the company community, non-conformity, reliability in interpersonal relationships, prudence in taking reasonable risks and a genuine understanding of being a servant of a company.
We also live this internally: we partners support our customers as a team, we deliberately do not have profit centres. Partner-related revenues are pooled “into one pot”. In this way, we ensure that we meet our clients on an equal footing, free from sales pressure, and can fulfil our respective mandate in the highest concentration.
The Corona pandemic has prompted us to also digitally optimize our processes for interviews, presentations and coaching sessions. Aware that the virtual meeting is not a complete substitute for the physical meeting, we will continue to act according to the motto: Digital as much as necessary, presence as much as possible.