Audit & Coaching

Executive Audit

When it comes to optimizing the interaction of the management circle, the team workshop specially created by Dr. Birkendorf & Cie. is a long-established method. Using the EMPREINTE personnel profiler, the “working relationship” of the participants to each other is illustrated vividly and sympathetically.

One can read from this the degree to which the respective people involved value the cooperation. In addition, indications can be read out as to how individual tasks can be divided among each other and how the best team composition can be formed for concrete projects in this way.
Unlike classic 360° analyses, our specific format avoids any form of supposed possible discomfort on the part of the participants, as there is no need to fear any indiscretion in front of colleagues. This is one of the reasons for the high acceptance of this format: the workshop is perceived by our customers as fair and sympathetic.
The optional module of the manager business case simulation builds on this illustration of the “characters”. A program practiced with the University of Kaiserslautern invites the audit participants to develop a given business case together and to lead it to success as a team. The role distributions in the team are quickly recognizable and flow into the observations of the audit.

Executive Coaching

Losses in individual performance are often due to external circumstances and can therefore usually be corrected. As licensed Professional Coaches (DBVC) we are equally specialized in coaching executives.
In coaching, it is our clients who want to further develop their leadership personalities with our support. Often a coaching assignment arises following an executive audit and thus sensibly implements the corresponding findings of the audit. Today, we can point to a proud record of over 500 satisfied customers from corporate groups and medium-sized companies.
In practice, however, our clients experience our coaching in the company as a holistic development of their executives. We understand this development only partly as a corrective in behaviour and armament against external circumstances. At the same time, our clients use it to train their managers for new areas of responsibility. Thus, we are often used for development steps related to digitalization and agile organization in day-to-day business.